CEDIS Copyright Policy

CEDIS Copyright Policy


Policy Statement:

CEDIS recognizes the importance of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, in fostering innovation, creativity, and the advancement of knowledge. This Copyright Policy is designed to establish guidelines for the creation, use, protection, and management of copyrighted materials within CEDIS.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, interns, volunteers, and anyone associated with CEDIS. It covers all copyrighted materials created, used, or managed within CEDIS.

Ownership of Intellectual Property:

  1. Research Output:
    • Copyright ownership of research output, including publications, reports, and other scholarly works, will be determined in accordance with the applicable intellectual property laws and contractual agreements.
  2. Employee-Created Materials:
    • Unless otherwise specified in a written agreement, copyright for materials created by employees in the course of their employment will generally be owned by CEDIS.
  3. Third-Party Materials:
    • Respect for the intellectual property rights of others is paramount. All employees should seek appropriate permissions and adhere to licensing agreements when using third-party copyrighted materials.

Use of Copyrighted Materials:

  1. Internal Use:
    • Employees may use copyrighted materials owned or licensed by CEDIS for internal, non-commercial purposes, in compliance with applicable copyright laws.
  2. External Use:
    • The use of copyrighted materials for external purposes, including publication, presentation, or distribution, must comply with applicable copyright laws and may require obtaining necessary permissions.

Permissions and Licensing:

  1. Obtaining Permissions:
    • Employees must obtain explicit permission from copyright owners or adhere to applicable licenses before using copyrighted materials in ways that go beyond fair use or other statutory exceptions.
  2. Licensing Agreements:
    • CEDIS may enter into licensing agreements for the use of copyrighted materials. Employees must adhere to the terms and conditions specified in such agreements.

Protection and Enforcement:

    • The Head of Office of CEDIS is responsible for managing and enforcing copyright policies.
    • Employees should promptly report any suspected copyright infringement to the Head of Office of CEDIS.

Training and Education:

CEDIS will provide training and educational resources to ensure that employees understand their responsibilities and rights regarding copyrighted materials.

Review and Revision:

This Copyright Policy will be periodically reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws and best practices.

Contact Information:

For questions or concerns related to this policy, please contact the Head of Office of CEDIS at cedis@novalaw.unl.pt


ThIs policy aligns with relevant intellectual property laws in our jurisdiction.