Research Groups

CEDIS seeks to intensify the link between teaching and research, through the involvement of undergraduate and postgraduate students in its research teams.

To study security issues within a transdisciplinary logic, in which the legal and extra-legal dimensions are assumed to be ambivalent.

To study Religion in an interdisciplinary logic, in which the legal and extra-legal dimensions are assumed to be ambivalent.

To study the constitutional and institutional architecture of these various political communities and the ways in which they are integrated and developed, particularly with regard to the political and economic integration of the European Union.

To study legal argumentation and the judicial decision-making process in varied demonstrations and perspectives.

To reflect on new models of public intervention and on how traditional instruments can be readapted, rebuilt or replaced by innovative models of economic, financial and social intervention, capable of meeting new needs and demonstrating innovation in public policy instruments.

To foster and develop diversified contributions to the accumulation of knowledge in the area of Private Law that allows to offer the various legal actors in society theoretical tools that facilitate the construction of better judicial decisions and, in short, promote justice.

Develop studies on sanctioning policies in socio-normative areas particularly lacking in analysis, reflection and systematisation.

To promote the critical study of the History of Portuguese Law and Administration through the selection of the most significant moments and aspects of pre-modern, modern and contemporary ages.

To promote collaboration between researchers, thus allowing the exchange of methodologies, problems and discoveries to be intensified, as well as the effectiveness and impact of the results.

In a society such as Portugal, where discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and illness persists despite the existing legal provisions in this area, it is important to study the existing rules and assess their impact on changing people's behaviour. The aim of the research focuses on the area of gender discrimination.