Call For Papers: Beyond Insurance –The Wider Angle Viewpoint

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AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation

Call For Papers: Beyond Insurance –The Wider Angle Viewpoint

The Editorial Board of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation hereby issues an invitation for the submission of academic papers on beyond insurance – the wider angle viewpoint.

What do you get when you mix Insurance Academics and Professionals from different countries and cultures and add to this disruptions such as technology and regulations? Simply, the desire to innovate, modernise and strategize to arrive at a so called new acceptable norm which we call the 21 st century insurance.

Unlike their predecessors, 21 st century insurers have a growing impact on cross-sector service provision by making available to their clients a wealth of expert knowledge and experience in Big Data analytics. The purpose of the book is to delve into the transition of insurers from suppliers of products consisting of risk coverage and/or investment opportunities to the provision of a variety of different services and ultimately to the provisions of solutions, by partnering with their clients so as to prevent failure, optimize their clients’ operations and help them excel in their various economic sectors.

Eligible topics

We welcome theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented papers. We invite academics (including Ph.D. students) and sector practitioners to submit their manuscripts on topics exploring particular aspects of this new trend as well as papers which carry out wider analyses leading to a more systematic understanding of the industry’s new socio-economic role. Insights on a broad spectrum of themes are welcome. Papers can approach the issues from a national, transnational, international or comparative perspective. Although the series has a predominant legal focus, in this volume we welcome papers on law, economics, risk management, actuarial sciences, social sciences, humanities and any other perspectives that might be relevant to the discussion. We strongly encourage submissions of multi or interdisciplinary research, as reflected by the different scientific backgrounds of the two co-editors.

Submission information

Selected papers will be published in a book edited by Margarida Lima Rego, Associate Professor at NOVA School of Law (NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal), and Simon Grima, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy (University of Malta). The publisher of this book and of the series is Springer.

Abstract submission & acceptance procedure

The deadline to submit a two-page abstract is 31/10/2021. Selection results will be announced by 15/11/2021.

Full papers submission procedure

The deadline for submitting the full paper is 30/04/2022. The final manuscript is limited to 20,000 words (including footnotes).

All abstracts and full papers should be in English.

Please send your submission (abstract and – if selected – full paper) by email to both:

a) Professor Margarida Lima Rego at the e-mail address:; and

b) Professor Simon Grima at the e-mail address:

For any further information please contact Professor Margarida Lima Rego and/or Professor Simon Grima.

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