Centros de Conhecimento

Centros de Conhecimento
A) Empowering PEOPLE

A1) Antigone – Equality and Antidiscrimination Law

A2) NOVA Centre for the Study of Gender, Family and Law (NOVA GF Law)

A3) NOVA Refugee and Migration Clinic

A4) Observatory for the Protection of Personal Data

A5) NOVA Business, Human Rights and the Environment (NOVA BHRE)

A6) Criminalia

A7) War and Law Lab

B) Protecting the PLANET

B1) NOVA Green Lab

B2) NOVA Ocean

B3) Space Law Research Centre (SPARC)

B4) NOVA Intellectual Property and Sustainable Innovation (NOVA IPSI)


C1) NOVA Compliance Lab

C2) NOVA Consumer Lab

C3) NOVA Financial Markets

C4) Observatory of Portuguese Legislation

C5) NOVA Argumentation

C6) NOVA Dispute Resolution Forum

C7) WhatNext.Law

C8) NOVA Tax Research Lab

C9) NOVA Data-Driven Law