Mariana França Gouveia; Matilde Líbano Monteiro: Interim Measures and Preliminary Orders

Interim Measures and Preliminary Orders

Mariana França Gouveia; Matilde Líbano Monteiro

About the book

International Arbitration in Portugal is the first international publication in English that provides a comprehensive insight into the legal regime and practice of international arbitration in Portugal. Portugal holds a strategic position within a community that is vastly larger than the country itself, and the parties to cross-border disputes arising anywhere in the vast Portuguese-speaking world – a community of more than 230 million in a space that offers a wide array of investment opportunities across four continents – increasingly seek Portugal as their preferred seat of arbitration. A signatory to all relevant international conventions, Portugal has proven to be an ‘arbitration-friendly’ jurisdiction. The fact that Portugal is a signatory to the most relevant international conventions in different forms of dispute resolution has bolstered the confidence in the use of international arbitration in this country.

Gouveia, M. F. & Monteiro, M. L., 2020, “Interim Measures and Preliminary Orders”, In: International Arbitration in Portugal. Wolters Kluwer.