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NOVA Financial Markets

About Us

The NOVA Financial Markets Knowledge Centre is dedicated to the study of the financial markets – banking, capital and insurance, with particular focus on value creation, that is, the concern to produce a positive impact on society.


In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), with a special focus on SDG1 – Eradication of Poverty, SDG4 – Education and SDG16 – Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions, the NOVA Financial Markets Knowledge Center has the following objectives:

  • To develop research in the area of financial markets – banking, capital and insurance, involving students from the faculty, in particular students from the Master’s Degree in Law and Financial Markets, the PhD in Law and researchers in general, but not only.
  • Keeping abreast of developments in the markets and their regulations and disseminating them through regular talks open to the public (via podcasts, open classes, short talks, among others).
  • To monitor developments in the banking union, the capital markets union and the fiscal union, in the European context of economic and monetary union, their policies and regulations, to contribute to their analysis and to disseminate them through regular talks open to the public (via, among others, podcasts, open classes, short talks, among others).
  • To help bring society and the financial markets closer together, with a view to protecting consumers.
  • To contribute, through the research carried out, to the development of guidelines and best practices in the field of financial markets in collaboration with the competent authorities and to create a basis for the provision of legal consultancy services in this area.

Activities and funding

The Center’s activity plan will be proposed annually by the Center’s Board and discussed with its members at a meeting in October.

In the Centre’s first year of operation, its program will consist of:

  • An opening session for the Center.
  • Bi-monthly meetings with the members of the Center to monitor and discuss their research.
  • The development of at least two sessions/conversations on relevant and current topics in the financial markets.
  • Signing a protocol with the “Há Direito” association with a view to the Center collaborating in the Association’s activity of disseminating financial markets law..
  • Development of the research project “K&C Requirements of Bank Staff in the MCD”.




Advisory members