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NOVA OCEAN Knowledge Centre

About Us

The NOVA OCEAN Knowledge Centre aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Sustainable Development Goal 14 – life below water. The centre is in accordance with the adhesion of NOVA School of Law to the United Nations Global Compact, the Blue Agenda of the European Union and, the National Strategy for the Sea 2021-2030.

The centre establishes itself as an innovative centre dedicated to multidisciplinary scientific research in the area of the Ocean and its governance, with the objective of consolidating and extending research and scientific knowledge in this important domain with the goal to be part of the internationalization efforts of the School.

Anchored in the Master’s in Law and Economics of the Sea – Governance of the Sea, created in 2015, and around which relevant research work, partnerships, internships and research visits have already been developed.

It is worth highlighting the fact that NOVA School of Law is the only Portuguese higher education institution that integrates the list of host institutions of the prestigious and internationally recognized capacity building program of the United Nations Organization “The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme for Human Resources Development and Advancement of the Legal Order of the World’s Oceans.”

The NOVA OCEAN Knowledge Centre also intends to contribute to create a new interest for knowledge around the sea, namely among undergraduate students work.

Our Mission

The NOVA OCEAN Knowledge Centre intends to increase joint and interdisciplinary scientific research in the ocean field, to assert itself through an impactful action at a global level, in consonance with the focus of NOVA School of Law’s focus on the great challenges of today, and to contribute to the external visibility of the University.

Our Goals​

The NOVA OCEAN Knowledge Centre has as its fundamental goal to encourage, support and aggregate multidisciplinary scientific research in the area of the Ocean and its governance, as well as to promote education and training activities in this domain, with a focus on the sustainable development of the ocean.