CEDIS Conflict of Interest Policy: Awards and Fellowships Committees

CEDIS Conflict of Interest Policy Guidelines for Awards and Fellowships Committees

Policy Statement:

CEDIS is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and fairness in its awards and fellowships programs. The Conflict of Interest Policy for Awards and Fellowships Committees aims to identify and manage conflicts of interest to ensure that the awards and fellowships selection process is conducted with the utmost objectivity and impartiality.


This policy applies to all individuals serving on Awards and Fellowships Committees, including but not limited to employees, volunteers, contractors, and external reviewers involved in the selection process for awards and fellowships administered by CEDIS.


  1. Conflict of Interest:
    • A conflict of interest arises when an individual’s personal, professional, or financial interests may compromise or appear to compromise their objectivity in the awards and fellowships selection process.

Guidelines for Awards and Fellowships Committees:

  1. Disclosure:
    • All members of Awards and Fellowships Committees must disclose any potential conflicts of interest promptly upon becoming aware of them.
  2. Review of Disclosures:
    • The designated committee or individual responsible for overseeing the awards and fellowships process will review disclosed conflicts of interest to determine their significance and potential impact on the impartiality of the selection process.
  3. Recusal:
    • Individuals with a significant conflict of interest shall recuse themselves from the discussion and decision-making related to any award in which they have a conflict.
  4. Alternative Reviewers:
    • In cases where a committee member has a conflict of interest, an alternative, unbiased reviewer may be appointed to ensure a fair and impartial evaluation.
  5. Documentation:
    • All disclosures, recusals, and actions taken to address conflicts of interest will be documented in the records of the awards and fellowships committee.
  6. Confidentiality:
    • Information disclosed regarding conflicts of interest will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, shared only with those directly involved in the review process.
  7. Education and Training:
    • Members of Awards and Fellowships Committees will receive training on identifying and managing conflicts of interest, emphasizing the importance of impartiality and fairness.

Handling Conflicts of Interest in Specific Situations:

  1. Nepotism:
    • Committee members must not participate in the review of awards and fellowships for family members, close friends, or individuals with whom they have a personal relationship.
  2. Financial Interests:
    • Committee members must disclose any financial interests, including investments, sponsorships, or business affiliations, that may be perceived as conflicting with their role in the awards and fellowships committee.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Violations of this Conflict of Interest Policy may result in consequences ranging from additional training to removal from the awards and fellowships committee, depending on the severity and nature of the violation.

Review and Revision:

This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the values and goals of CEDIS.

Contact Information:

For questions or concerns related to this policy, please contact the Head of Office of CEDIS at cedis@novalaw.unl.pt.

This policy complies with any applicable laws and regulations governing conflicts of interest in our jurisdiction.