Science Management

Science Management Team

CEDIS maintains an office with four employees, who are selected through public competitions held by the NOVA School of Law, ensuring transparency and merit-based recruitment processes. They play a crucial role in handling administrative tasks, but they do so in an integrated way with other NSL services, which ensure the use of facilities, IT services, the management of human resources, financial resources, support for tenders, procurement, travel or events. The team facilitate communication and dissemination of CEDIS’s outputs.

I. Head of Office: Sofia Assis

The Head of Office oversees the implementation of tasks and liaises with other services of the faculty (finance, human resources, management, etc.), the university (rectorate, doctoral school, etc.), and the funding agencies involved (FCT, European Commission, etc.).

II. Research Support: Cristiana Vicente

In line with the objective of attracting external funding and the strategy of providing information on funding opportunities (via the “weekly opportunities report”), assistance with project preparation and submission, and administrative and financial management of ongoing projects, CEDIS has a person responsible for “management.”
In accordance with our objective to strengthen interdisciplinarity and our strategy to build partnerships with institutions in non-legal fields, as well as our objective to strengthen internationalization and our strategy to build partnerships with foreign institutions, this person is also responsible for assisting in forming consortia and partnerships as well as in preparing the necessary documentation.

III. Communication Support: Diogo Ferreira

In line with our objective to strengthen the transformative impact of CEDIS at all levels of society, as well as our strategy to collaborate with different stakeholders and to disseminate knowledge in a language accessible to society at large, CEDIS has a staff member responsible for communication matters, including, among others, regular updates of the CEDIS website, management of social media, preparation of our newsletter, organization of outreach in the press, and dissemination of freely accessible content.

IV. Dissemination Support: Cristina Coelho

In accordance with our objective to organize scientific events and give lectures at scientific events at home and abroad, CEDIS has a staff member responsible for assisting in the organization of events and missions.