CEDIS meets again with members of the External Advisory Board

Cristina Queiroz: Economic Constitution and Fundamental Rights

ECOS on the presence of Professor Nuno Garoupa, a member of the CEDIS External Advisory Board

MSCA-PF 2024 Open Day

Research Grant n.º 4/2024

Users TCP GO-P2P Project: Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption, and Transactive Energy Models

Margarida Lima Rego: Insurance Requirements in Incoterms® 2020

Project Multiversity – White Paper on multiple and intersectional discrimination presents research results

Research Grant n.º 3/2024

Research Grant n.º 2/2024

Margarida Lima Rego (coord.), Paulo Côrte-Real (coord.), Joana Brilhante, Maria João Resende, Miguel Vale de Almeida, Veronica Corcodel: Multiversidade – Livro Branco sobre Discriminação Múltipla e Interseccional

Research Grant n.º 1/2024

Laura Íñigo Álvarez: Responsible business conduct in conflict-affected areas: the notion of heightened human rights due diligence

Soraya Nour Sckell elected new CEDIS Director

Master’s theses defended in 2024

Doctoral theses defended 2024

Jorge Morais Carvalho: A boa-fé como critério para a avaliação do caráter abusivo de cláusulas contratuais gerais: Comentário ao Acórdão Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor

Soraya Nour Sckell: The Concept of Person in the Metaphysics of Morals: From a Formal to a Material Concept. The Kantian Subject: New Interpretative Essays

Scientific Coordinators and Editors Margarida Lima Rego María del Val Bolívar Oñoro Maria Elisabete Ramos: 1st International Conference of the Jean Monnet Module EU Insurance Law: Challenges in the SDG Era SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being 2023

Athina Sachoulidou, Dimitrios Kafteranis, Umut Turksen: Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement Settings: AI Solutions for Disrupting Illicit Money Flows

Vera Lúcia Raposo: Artificial Intelligence, Fundamental Rights and Technological Development: Is There a Crowd in a Regulation?

Athina Sachoulidou, Claire Bright: Access to Justice for Corporate Human Rights Harms. Private International Law and Criminal Law Considerations.

Francisco Pereira Coutinho: Mozambican Courts and International Law

Francisco Pereira Coutinho: Independence in the European Union

Coordenação: Francisco Pereira Coutinho, Graça Canto Moniz: Anuário da Proteção de Dados 2023

Cristina Queiroz: Risco e Incerteza, Saúde e Danos Colaterais

Cristina Nogueira da Silva: Slave Subjectivities in the Iberian Worlds

Master’s theses defended in 2023

Filipe Brito Bastos; Przemyslaw Palka: Is Centralised General Data Protection Regulation Enforcement a Constitutional Necessity?

Research Grant n.º 15/2023

Research Grant n.º 14/2023

Athina Sachoulidou: Algorithmic Criminal Justice: Is It Just a Science Fiction Plot Idea? Law, Governance and Technology Series

Francisco Pereira Coutinho: Blockchain and the Law: Dogmatics and dynamics


Call for Papers | 2nd International Conference of the Jean Monnet Module on EU Insurance Law: Challenges in the SDG Era

Research Grant n.º 13/2023

Luís Pedroso de Lima Cabral de Oliveira: The Foro Indiano: The application of law in Goa as seen from the Novas Conquistas?

José Noronha Rodrigues; Sumanta Bhattacharya; Dora Cristina Ribeiro Cabete: The Era of Globalization and the Impact of Sports as a Human Right: A Sociocultural Dimension

Research Grant n.º 12/2023

Jeremy Sarkin, Tatiana Morais: A Cost–Benefit Assessment of Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Women Reporting Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Uganda: Assessing Women’s Resilience as a Means to Protect their Ethnoreligious Group

Research Grant n.º 11/2023

TRACE announces AI and Law Enforcement in Europe Essay Competition

Francisco Pereira Coutinho: A Digitalização do Direito: XV Encontro de Professores de Direito Público

Doctoral theses defended 2018-2023

Veronica Corcordel & Dmitra Fragkou: European Journal of Risk Regulation

NOVA Tax Research Series | First Edition

Research Grants n.º 9/2023 and n.º 10/2023

NOVA Tax Research Series

João Zenha Martins: Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on adequate minimum wages in the European Union: Review and Outlook from Portugal

Research Grant n.º 8/2023

Research Grant n.º 7/2023

Anuário do NOVA Consumer Lab Yearbook of the NOVA Consumer Lab: Coordenação: Jorge Morais Carvalho, Edição: Maria Miguel Oliveira da Silva

Francisco Pereira Coutinho: The Russian Aggression to Ukraine and International Law: A Tragedy in Four Acts

Claire Bright; Nicolas Bueno: Mandatory human rights due diligence

Research Grant n.º 6/2023

Francisco Costa-Cabral: From Crisis Cartels to Covid-19 State Aid and Cooperation: The Non-Exceptionality of Crisis Management by EU Competition Law

Nausica Palazzo: Fedotova and Others v. Russia: Dawn of a new era for European LGBTQ families?

Research Grant n.º 5/2023

Research Grant n.º 4/2023

Research Initiation Grant n.º 1/2023

Research Grant n.º 3/2023

Athina Sachoulidou: Going beyond the “common suspects”: to be presumed innocent in the era of algorithms, big data and artificial intelligence

Vera Lúcia Raposo: When facial recognition does not ‘recognize’: erroneous identifications and resulting liabilities.

Call for Papers | Yearbook of Data Protection 2023

Research Grant n.º 2/2023

Research Grant n.º 1/2023

CEDIS has a new regulation

José Noronha Rodrigues: The Globalization of human rights for a global citizenship: New Challenges

Master’s theses defended in 2022

Athina Sachoulidou; Silvia D’Amato: European transnationalism between successes and shortcomings: threats, strategies and actors under the microscope

Risco e Incerteza, Saúde e Danos Colaterais: o que se espera do Estado de Emergência sanitário

Call for Papers | First International Conference of the Jean Monnet Module EU Insurance Law: Challenges in the SDG era

CEDIS supports seminar on “General Regime of Prevention of Corruption”

LEGALPL Project launches “Legal Pluralism” podcast series

Call for Papers | Living together in the cities of the future and the metaverse

Call for tenders for non-teaching staff | to exercise functions in the CEDIS

NOVA School of Law entered, this year, in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023

O Direito Público e a Crise Pandémica

Launch Session of the Project Multiversity – White Paper on multiple and intersectional discrimination

Applications to attend the StartUp Research Program – 2023 Edition, are now open – from October 15th to Dec 15th, 2022



Luís Duarte d’Almeida eleito novo Diretor do CEDIS

Coordenação: Francisco Pereira Coutinho, Graça Canto Moniz: Anuário da Proteção de Dados 2022


Research Grants 10/2022 e 11/2022

Luís Duarte D’almeida: Wrongs and Sanctions in the Pure Theory of Law


CEDIS and NOVA School of Law at Global Meeting on Law & Society

CEDIS/NOVA School of Law sends a delegation to the Philippines for activities within the CALESA Project

Lucila de Almeida; Fabrizio Esposito; Josephine van Zeben: When indicators fail electricity policies: Pitfalls of the EU’s retail energy market Barrier Index

Marta Carmo; Rita Calçada Pires: Chapter 26: Portugal

Research Grant n.º 8/2022

Research Grant n.º 7/2022

João Motta Guedes – Monument to Kafka

José Noronha Rodrigues; Dora Cristina Ribeiro Cabete de Noronha Rodrigues: Social Justice and Human Rights in the 22nd Century: Equity Principle



Rana Dajani; Helena Maria Matias Pereira de Melo: Diversifying stem cell debates: Including Muslim contexts and perspectives

Giulia Priora, Bernd Justin Jütte; Péter Mezei: Copyright and Digital Teaching Exceptions in the EU: Legislative Developments and Implementation Models of Art. 5 CDSM Directive