Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy of the Law and Society Collection

CEDIS Press is the editorial vehicle of CEDIS, a privileged, open and plural platform for the dissemination of scientific production on Law and Society. Our aim is to encourage critical and innovative scientific reflection, interact with society and have a direct impact on legislation, case law and public policies. CEDIS Press is hosting the Law and Society E-Book Collection.

Our editorial policy in relation to the Law and Society Collection is guided by the principles of “Open Science”, which ensure rigorous evaluation through double blind peer-review, the availability of content in open access, guaranteeing the wide dissemination of knowledge, and the absence of any costs for authors, promoting equity and unrestricted access to scientific publication.


Scientific evaluation

All manuscripts submitted to the Law and Society Collection will be scientifically evaluated through a doubleblind peer review process. Each manuscript will be reviewed by two external experts, whose anonymity will be maintained. The names of the reviewers will be disclosed in the final publication to ensure transparency and credibility in the evaluation process.


Authors are solely responsible for the content of their work and retain full copyright. Any images used in the work are the sole responsibility of the authors, and proof of rights must be provided in documentary form. Mention of the copyright of the images will be included in the technical file of the work.

In addition, the submission of proposals implies agreement with the stipulated terms and requires the delivery of a signed copy of the “Declaration of Authorship and Authorisation to Publish” of the Law and Society Collection.

Open Access

All the publications in the Law and Society Collection follow an open access policy, with each publication assigned a DOI. The Law and Society Collection reserves the right to make all the contents available in open access in the institutional repository of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (RUN) and/or on other academic publishing platforms, under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0).

Self-Archiving Policy

Authors are authorised to deposit the editor’s final version in any repository, with no embargo period.


The Law and Society Collection does not charge any fees for submitting, reviewing or publishing manuscripts.

Submission of Manuscript Proposals

Manuscript proposals must be submitted in Word format (.doc or .docx) and include:

  1. Book title
  2. Justification of the importance of the theme, the innovation of the work and its fit within the scope of the Law and Society Collection
  3. Summary of each chapter
  4. Description of the target audience
  5. CV of the authors, including institutional affiliations and main publications

The editorial team will carry out a preliminary assessment of the proposal to check its relevance, originality and suitability for the scope of the Law and Society Collection. After the initial assessment, the proposal may be accepted or rejected. Initial acceptance of the proposal does not guarantee final publication, which will depend on the quality and relevance of the full manuscript, as assessed by the reviewers.

Full Manuscript Submission

The complete manuscript must be submitted anonymously, according to the following instructions:

  1. Main Manuscript (Word format .doc ou .docx)
    • Complete anonymisation: remove any author identifications in the document and metadata.
    • Manuscript content:
      • Title
      • Summary (up to 250 words)
      • Introduction
      • Full chapters
      • Complete bibliographical references, Chicago style 16th edition, Author-Date
      • Figures, tables and annexes, with proper copyright identification
  2. Author information in a separate document (Word format .doc or .docx)
    • Manuscript title
    • Full name, institutional affiliations, e-mail addresses, ORCID identifiers (if applicable) of each author
    • Order of mention of authors and corresponding author, with full contact details
    • Aknowledgments

Final decision

Based on the opinions of the reviewers, the Law and Society Collection will make a final decision on the publication of the manuscript, which may be acceptance, acceptance with mandatory revisions or rejection.

Notification of Decision

Authors will be informed of the final decision together with the reviewers’ opinions. If revisions are necessary, authors must submit them by the deadline. The revised manuscript will undergo a new evaluation before the final decision to publish is made.


To submit your manuscript or ask any questions, please contact us by e-mail: cedis@novalaw.unl.pt.


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