A4) Observatory for the Protection of Personal Data

Observatory of Personal Data Protection

About Us

The Observatory of Personal Data Protection was set up on the basis of the reform initiated by the European Commission on the protection of personal data, with the aim of updating and modernizing the rules laid down not only on the protection of personal data but also on police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

In a “phygital” world, where the physical and digital of everyday life are deeply interconnected and where personal data is often processed in ways imperceptible to the individual, the PPD seeks to study legal responses to new challenges to the protection of the individual and their fundamental rights.



Without prejudice to other objectives such as the development of the digital economy and strengthening the fight against crime and terrorism, the European Commission has noted the need for unified and up-to-date legislation on personal data protection.

This legislative package has raised new issues and challenges for public and private sector entities and institutions:

  • How does data protection reinforce citizens’ rights?
  • What specific answers does the new legislation provide for technological developments such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing or phenomena like Big Data?
  • What are the benefits for the European economy and business? Will this reform further strengthen the European internal market? What is the impact on international cooperation?
  • Is this legal package a simplification of the repealed rules?
  • How do the rulings of the European Court of Justice (notably in the cases of Digital Rights Ireland and Schrems) relate to this legislative package?

The mission of the Observatory of Personal Data Protection is to address these questions through research and scientific reflection in order to consider the appropriateness of legal responses to the problems raised by rapid technological developments.




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