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Beatriz Seabra de Brito
Beatriz Seabra de Brito
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Maria Beatriz Seabra de Brito is a Lawyer at Bank of Portugal, a PhD student at NOVA School of Law and a Researcher at CEDIS. She is also a Guest Lecturer in University of Santiago, Cape Verde (since 2021) and a Guest Lecturer in Nova School of Law (from 2022). Her research is being developed in the areas of comparative criminal law, philosophical foundations of criminal law and the regulation of new technologies. She published 3 articles in journals and 1 book. She is currently looking at the confluence of theoretical aspects of cyber crime and a comparative approach towards criminal law.

Áreas de interesse de investigação
Criminal law, Philosophy of Law
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7 de September, 2023
21 de August, 2023
11 de August, 2023