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Tatiana Morais
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Tatiana Morais earned her PhD in Law (summa cum laude) from NOVA School of Law. She also holds a LLM in Human Rights (magna cum laude) from Minho University and a LLB from University of Lisboa.  Her academic research focuses on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) cases in the country of asylum from an intersectional standpoint. Tatiana has a strong background on migration and gender issues and qualitative methods. From 2017 until 2019, she has done fieldwork in Greece, Israel, and Uganda on SGBV targeting refugee and asylum-seeking women. To conduct her PhD research, Tatiana was the recipient of FCT scholarship; FCT studentship; and Fulbright Grant. As a Fulbright Visiting Researcher she conducted part of her data analysis at University of California, Santa Barbara. Previously, she was a Visiting Researcher at University of Bristol and a Visiting Researcher at College of Law and Business, in Ramat-Gan. Her research impact includes  recommendations for legal reforms regarding sexual harassment, made in collaboration with and based on the expertise of members of UMAR ["Assédio sexual no trabalho: uma reflexão a partir de ordenamentos jurídicos"]. And recommendations for legal reforms regarding sexual violence, in collaboration with and based on the expertise of members of APMJ ["Os primeiros impactos da Convenção de Istambul: da relutância do legislador nacional em adoptar a falta de consentimento como elemento do tipo legal do crime de violação"]. Both sets of recommendations were taken into account in subsequent legal reforms introduced at national level. Previously, Tatiana worked as a lawyer; as a legal advisor and jurist in a feminist NGO; and she managed multiple Erasmus projects focusing on gender and migration from an intersectional standpoint. She also provided legal training to social workers, associations and NGOs' workers on the following subjects: “Gender and Migration: SGBV from an intersectional standpoint”; “Sexual Violence - legal framework”; “Domestic Violence - legal framework”; among others.  Tatiana is admitted to practice as an attorney in Portugal and is a certified legal trainer (CCP).

Áreas de interesse de investigação
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence; Intersectional Feminism; Systems of Oppression; Vulnerability; Refugee Law; Forced Migration; Armed Conflict; Human Trafficking; Smuggling; Refugee Protection