Francisco Pereira Coutinho: Blockchain and the Law: Dogmatics and dynamics

Blockchain and the Law: Dogmatics and dynamics

Francisco Pereira Coutinho

This book discusses the dogmatic (that what is settled) and the dynamic (that what is changing) aspects of the relationship between blockchain and the law from a critical perspective. With contributions from legal and financial experts involved in both academy and business from Europe, Africa and North and South America, the book looks at the abstract complexities and practical challenges of regulating blockchain technology and its developments, such as crypto assets and smart contracts, from the perspectives of financial, tax, civil, and international law. Moreover, the book also delves into some exciting and cutting-edge related topics such as blockchain applications for litigation, CBDC and elections.

The volume offers insightful considerations that will be helpful for legal practitioners involved in the crypto and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) phenomenon.


Pereira Coutinho, Francisco ; Pires, Martinho Lucas ; Correia Barradas, Bernardo. / Blockchain and the Law : Dogmatics and dynamics. The Hague : T. M. C. Asser Press, 2023.

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