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NOVA Argumentation

About Us

NOVA Argumentation, a Knowledge Centre within the NOVA School Law, is dedicated to advanced research and training in the field of legal argumentation. Established in January 2023, its goals are:

  • To develop and disseminate research in the areas of legal argumentation, legal reasoning, and legal theory, both general and applied to legal practice.
  • To design and deliver advanced training sessions on legal argumentation and legal writing aimed at the non-academic community of legal professionals (especially magistrates and lawyers).
  • To hold an international seminar series, as well as regular international conferences, on legal argumentation and legal theory.
  • To support the teaching and supervision of dissertations and research projects in the areas of legal argumentation, legal reasoning, and legal theory.

NOVA Argumentation has relied on the support of the law firm Morais Leitão since its creation. Through this active collaboration, the study of law and the methods of rational justification come closer to daily legal practice, reshaping the synergy between both.




  • Álvaro Nuñez Vaquero
  • Barbara Baum Levenbook
  • Chiara Valentini
  • Claudio Michelon
  • Damiano Canale
  • David Martínez Zorrilla
  • Euan MacDonald
  • Fábio Perin Shecaira
  • Flavia Carbonell Bellolio
  • Francesca Poggi
  • Frederick Schauer
  • Gema Marcilla Córdoba
  • Giovanni Tuzet
  • H. J. (José) Plug
  • José Juan Moreso
  • Katharina Stevens
  • Kathryn M. Stanchi
  • Kevin Toh
  • Lilian Bermejo-Luque
  • Maksymilian del Mar
  • Marina Gascón Abellán
  • Mark McBride National
  • Martim Krupenski Morais Leitão
  • Noel Struchiner
  • Raquel Barradas de Freitas
  • Rob Mullins
  • Ruth Chang
  • Sue Provenzano
  • Tania Groppi
  • Torben Spaak


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