B4) NOVA Intellectual Property and Sustainable Innovation (NOVA IPSI)

NOVA Knowledge Centre on Intellectual Property and Sustainable Innovation (NOVA IPSI)

About Us

NOVA IPSI is our Knowledge Centre dedicated to Intellectual Property and Sustainability. Founded in September 2022, the Centre pursues the mission of studying and advancing the legal research on the interplay between these two concepts.

In particular, NOVA IPSI aims to:

  • Get students and early-career researchers engaged with the study of IP law and its interactions with a world seeking sustainability
  • Accompany researchers in the development of solid and original research lines on IP Law and Sustainability
  • Enable researchers to workshop their ongoing research and transform it into scientific contributions, policy advice, consultancy, or education materials
  • Build opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between academic researchers and key stakeholders

Research Activities

The current research lines pursued at NOVA IPSI pivot on:

  • Copyright law and knowledge
  • Patent law and green technologies
  • Trademark law and green branding
  • Design law and inclusivity

NOVA IPSI researchers carry out legal research while participating in several activities regularly run from September until August every academic year:

  • NOVA IPSI Talks: Biweekly peer-feedback sessions on each researcher’s ongoing work
  • NOVA IPSI Trainings: Specialized courses and workshops on IP and Sustainability
  • NOVA IPSI Desk: Legal clinic on IP Law and Sustainable Innovations
  • NOVA IPSI Events and NOVA IPSI Publications: Our scientific output of academic conferences and peer-reviewed publications

Education Activities

  • NOVA IPSI Trainings are specialized courses and workshops aiming at opening the knowledge on IP and Sustainability to the public
  • Among them, the Online Course on IP Law for Sustainable Innovations, co-powered by Jurisnova and NOVA IPSI, takes place every academic year and targets students, early-career researchers, legal practitioners and legal trainees interested in building up their knowledge on IP and Sustainability
  • NOVA IPSI also powers the Year-of-IP-law YIP Workshop, specifically addressed to advanced IP legal experts, both from the legal practice and academia, offering a compiled update on the latest developments on IP law in Portugal, Europe, and beyond

Outreach Activities

  • The NOVA IPSI Desk is a legal clinic engaging with exercises of applied legal learning on IP rights and management. Through strategic partnerships, we set dialogue between academia and innovators across society, training our legal listening and legal writing skills and promoting IP awareness across society.

Highlights in Research Outputs

  • Giulia Priora/Faith Majekolagbe, “An International Instrument on Copyright and Educational Uses: Regulatory Models and Lessons” in J Schovsbo (ed) Intellectual Property Rights in Times of Crisis (Edward Elgar 2024) here;
  • Aline Arenque/Amanda Costa Novaes ‘IP Negative Spaces in Today’s Evolving Video Game Industry’, 4IP Council Research Award Winner Paper 2023, 2024, here;
  • Aline Arenque/Amanda Costa Novaes/Dimitrius Costa, ‘Hostile design protection: Could design law help promote inclusivity in European cities?’ in Cristiana Sappa (ed) Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Rights and Inclusivity (Edward Elgar 2024) here;
  • Amanda Costa Novaes, “The moral boundaries of copyright from a US perspective” (2024) JIPLP 19(4) 385-386 here;
  • Maria Miguel Carvalho/Giulia Priora (eds) Direitos de Autor: As recentes alterações legislativas (UMinho Editora 2023) here;
  • Giulia Priora, “A nova exceção ao direito de autor para fins educativos e a sua transposição para o direito português” (2023) in Carvalho/Priora (eds) Direitos de Autor: As recentes alterações legislativas (Uni Minho Editora 2023) 27-40 here;
  • Rossana Ducato/Giulia Priora (eds), The Law and the Digital Classroom, JIPITEC 14(2) 2023 here;
  • Giulia Priora/Giovanna Carloni, ‘Open Educational Resources through the European lens: Pedagogical opportunities and copyright constraints’ (2023) JIPITEC 14(2) 317-329 here;
  • Eduardo Santos/Giulia Priora, ‘Recursos educacionais abertos: Lições da União Europeia e do Espaço Lusófono’ (2023) Bibliocanto Edição especial: trabalhos apresentados na 14ª Conferência Lusófona Ciência Aberta 9(2) here;

Giulia Priora/Amanda Costa Novaes, ‘CJEU grapples with the intertwined nature of private copies and retransmission of online television broadcasts’ (2023) JIPLP 18(10) 709-713 here.

Research Impact

At NOVA IPSI we aim to transform our scientific research into societal impact, contributing to the advancements of IP law not only at doctrinal level, but also in terms of enhancement of policies, legislation, and case law. We regularly present our scientific works at public events, ensure free access to our yearly NOVA IPSI Booklets, and advise stakeholders and social groups on specific IP law rules and their application. Our latest contributions include a Policy Brief commissioned by Education International (here) and an Independent Expert Opinion commissioned by COMMUNIA (here).


Collaborations/Partnerships/External Funding

Among the latest partnerships NOVA IPSI has entered, contributing with research and educational activities, there are the Consumer Empowerment Project (Google/Euroconsumers) and NOVA University/NOVA Impact (Starters Academy initiative).

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