Users TCP GO-P2P Project: Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption, and Transactive Energy Models

The Global Observatory (GO-P2P) is a forum for international collaboration to understand the policy, regulatory, social and technological conditions necessary to support the wider deployment of peer-to-peer (P2P), community/collective self-consumption (CSC) and transactive energy (TE) models. GO-P2P takes a multi-disciplinary approach to studying P2P/TE/CSC models and is structured into five sub-tasks, each led by leading institutions in the field. Participants, now more than 200, are from academiaindustry and non-profits. There has been a high level of collaboration between them so far.

Duration: 5 years (From September 2019 to February 2025), in which NOVA School of Law joined as subtask leader 5 in February 2023

Coordination: David Shipworth (University College London as project leader) | Lucila de Almeida (NOVA School Law as subtask leader 5)

Institutions: University College London, UK (project leader) | Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland (subtask leader 1 – Power systems integration) | International Energy Research Centre, Ireland (subtask leader 2 – Hardware Software & data) | University of Colorado Denver, United States (subtask leader 3 – transactions and markets | University of Colorado Denver, Australia, and Delft University of Technology , Netherlands (subtask co-leader 4 – Economic and Social Value) | NOVA School of Law, Portugal, and European University Institute/Florence School of Regulation, Italy (subtask co-leader 5 – Policy and Regulation).

Funding entity: The project is hosted by UsersTCP and supported by the International Energy Agency. NOVA School of Law is one of the subtask leaders in the context of the NOVA Green Lab.


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