A1) Antigone – Equality and Antidiscrimination Law

Antígona—Clinic For Equality and Antidiscrimination Law

About Us

The aim of the Clinic is to develop activities related to the promotion of legal counselling, training and research in the areas of Equality and Antidiscrimination Law. Characterised by its openness to the non-academic community, the Clinic aims to create the conditions for legal counselling and for the preparation of opinions and studies in the various areas regulated by this branch of the Law, to contribute to specialised training in these areas and to promote and participate in discussion on the evolution of the rules covered by it.

Composed of qualified jurists, the Clinic creates a space for wide-ranging discussion, including academics, legal professionals, leaders of public institutions, representatives of non-governmental organisations, on current problems arising in these areas.

Mission and objectives

In addition to the essential documental support to researchers who wish to develop their studies in the specific areas of interest, the research activity of the Clinic includes:

  • Creating a specialised library on Equality and Antidiscrimination Law;
  • Organising post-graduate teaching courses;
  • Organising conferences and seminars;
  • Publication of articles and dissertations in the areas of Equality and Antidiscrimination Law;
  • Establishing agreements, exchanging knowledge and partnerships in the development of research projects with national and foreign study centres;
  • Collaboration in the preparation of legislative texts and the presentation of studies that may contribute to the improvement of the relevant areas;
  • To provide the required services directly related to the preceding activities, including the preparation of studies or advice.


Main Activities

Antigona hosts the Observatory on Racism and Xenophobia. One of the Observatory’s main activities is the “Talks on Racism and Xenophobia” series.

Antigona also hosted the Cosmopolitanism project, funded by the FCT, and currently hosts the pilot project Aequalitas, both under the coordination of Soraya Nour Sckell.



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