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NOVA Refugee and Migration Clinic

About NRMC

NOVA Refugee & Migration Clinic is an original knowledge centre of CEDIS (Centre for Research on Law and Society) that is dedicated to clinical research and other impact-oriented activities in the area of migration and asylum law. One of its distinguishing features as a clinic is the seamless integration of research into its activities, recognizing the essential connection between research and traditional clinical practices. Its organization relies on the active involvement of faculty, students, lawyers and civil society actors in research projects, campaigning, advocacy and support activities related to the rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The clinic is committed to:

  1. Engagement with – and involvement of – some of the most important actors operating in the field, such as institutions, lawyers, government and civil society actors;
  2. Influencing public debate within and beyond academic circles through publication of blog posts, articles, reports, as well as public events organized at NOVA School of Law;
  3. Fostering the development of critical thinking in public debates within and beyond academic circles.

Types of activities

  • Research-based advocacy and campaigning within and beyond academic circles. This includes a variety of activities such as the writing and publication of blog posts, reports, the production of podcasts, the organization of workshops, seminars/webinars and conferences).
  • Assistance for pro bono legal initiatives in relation to migrants and asylum seekers.
  • Consultancy and training in the area of migration and asylum.

In April 2024, Cedis awarded the first FCT Doctoral Scholarship for NRMC activities, underscoring the clinic’s dedication to both research and engagement with civil society.

The NRMC’s research activities are conducted along the following research lines:

  • Migration, Asylum and Civil Society
  • Gender & Intersectionality in Migration and Asylum
  • Migration, Asylum and the Law of the Sea
  • Migration, Asylum and Processes of Securitization
  • Migration, Asylum and Digital Transformation
  • Migration, Asylum and Vulnerability

Forthcoming research lines include:

  • Migration, Asylum and Coloniality
  • Child Migrants and Asylum Seekers


The NRMC is engaged in numerous research projects focusing on various aspects of migration and asylum, including securitisation and border controls, gender and sexuality, digital transformation, and vulnerability. Key initiatives include:

  • The ‘Monthly Migration and Asylum Talks’ Series wherein renowned academics and civil society experts discuss pressing topics on migration and asylum, explore new approaches, and address key challenges in Portugal and beyond.
  • The NRMC Blog features research outputs and discussions on contemporary migration issues along the clinic’s research lines.
  • The “Coffee with the Expert” monthly podcast series, a platform for experts from academia, civil society, and activism to share their field experiences, challenges, and motivations.
  • Community engagement initiatives such as the 16-day activism campaign and the EU elections campaign.
  • Workshops and courses along the Clinic’s research lines for the NRMC Members.

Highlights in Outputs and Impact


A series of blog posts discussing contemporary issues in migration and asylum law.

Recorded webinars and roundtable discussions within the framework of monthly ‘Migration and Asylum Talks’ Series, addressing pressing migration issues and new approaches.

The “Coffee with the Expert” podcast series, featuring discussions with experts from academia, civil society, and activism on field experiences, challenges, and motivations.

The 16-day activism campaign against gender-based violence focusing on raising awareness and advocating for migrant rights in the context of gender-based violence.

The EU elections campaign aimed at educating and mobilizing voters on migration-related issues.

Recent Publications

For more publications, visit our website:

NOVA Refugee and Migration Clinic | Research | Publications

NOVA Refugee and Migration Clinic | The Clinic Blog

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