Marta Carmo; Rita Calçada Pires: Chapter 26: Portugal

Chapter 26: Portugal

Marta Carmo; Rita Calçada Pires


In this book, the historical relationship between taxation and the political balance of power is investigated. In addition to a unique overview of historical iconic tax events, with famous examples like the Eighty Years’ War between the Netherlands and Spain, the Glorious Revolution, the Boston Tea Party and the French Revolution, it contains an analysis of the way in which Nazis and communists abused existing tax systems to achieve their goals in the 20th century.

Carmo, M. & Calçada Pires, R., Jun 2022, “Chapter 26: Portugal”. In History and Taxation: The Dialectical Relationship between Taxation and the Political Balance of Power. P. H. J. E.. p. 531-556

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