Allocation of support

In line with the classification adopted by the FCT in the 2024 evaluation and funding process, CEDIS members can be integrated researchers and collaborating researchers, including doctoral students. For the purposes of simplification, we have adopted the following classification:
1) integrated researchers;
2) doctoral researchers;
3) collaborating researchers.
All must be members of Projects or Knowledge Centres.

This is a researcher with a doctorate or an aggregate degree who, in either case, must have a contract or employment relationship with a Portuguese institution and dedicate a minimum of 20% of their working time to research activities in the R&D unit and in Portugal. An integrated doctoral researcher can only be integrated into a single R&D unit, namely the one in which they carry out their main research activity, but can be a collaborator in one or more R&D units.

1) Integrated researchers: 1250 Euros
2a) Doctoral researchers enrolled in the thesis writing phase: 500 Euros
2b) Doctoral researchers enrolled in the teaching phase: 250 Euros
3) Collaborators: 250 Euros
Support, within the limits of each researcher's annual quota, can only be granted until CEDIS's annual budget is exhausted.

Each researcher's annual fee can be used for the following expenses, according to the FCT headings:
1) Demonstration, promotion and dissemination. This heading includes:
a) expenses related to participation in scientific events with intervention. Requests for this type of expenditure must be submitted using the DPD Request Form, available on this page.
b) Expenditure associated with open access publications. The request must be accompanied by the framework of the intended open access publication and all associated costs. Expenses associated with open-access publication fees in high-impact journals (in any indexing recognised in academia) can be supported even if they exceed the annual quota, as long as they are within the limits of the CEDIS budget. See our "Open Science" page for more information:

2) Consultants
This heading includes expenses for people who are not members of CEDIS. When requesting consultants from CEDIS, the need for them must be justified, in line with the scientific objectives of the CEDIS scientific project. This justification must be submitted by CEDIS to the FCT when the expenditure is submitted.
More information here:

3) Acquisition of goods and services. The goods must be for common use.
More information here:

No. All expenses must be paid by CEDIS.

Applications should be sent to:

a) You should check that you have correctly indicated your institutional affiliation: CEDIS, NOVA School of Law, NOVA University Lisbon Law School, 1099-032 Lisbon.

b) You must check that you correctly acknowledge FCT: This work has been funded by FCT, I.P., under project UID/00714/2020 (CEDIS/NOVA School of Law).

c) You must check that you have included the FCT logo and the emblem of the Portuguese Republic in all related materials (see our "Media Kit" page).

d) You must provide CEDIS with proof that you have complied with the FCT's publicity rules and, if applicable, proof that the trip took place.

Three months before (or even further in advance of) the time when payment should be made by CEDIS.